Message in a Bottle

Our internet is dying a slow, dramatic, Victorian-style death, complete with fainting spells and death rattle coughing. This seems to happen to us at least once a year. Every time, we curse Bell and swear we are going to switch providers and spend hours on the phone with very nice people in India who are completely unable to help us. Then, after about six frustrating weeks, everything is magically fixed and we live happily for another year. I don’t get it, but it really, really stresses me out.

So posting will be very light for the next few weeks, both because our internet access is down about 80% of the time, and because we’re off on a few trips. This weekend we’re going to brave Princess Charming’s cottage — I am NOT a cottager, but I’ve been promised indoor plumbing and electricity, so I’m risking it. Starting the weekend after that, we’re probably going to go on our summer visit-the-grandparents extravaganza, so we’ll be gone for 7-10 days with no internet access.


It’s a shame, because I have such awesome posts puttering around in my head, like the one about the bug that was as BIG AS MY THUMB that Sir Monkeypants took care of last night (my hero!), and the one about how I’ve been test running the walk to and from school in anticipation of not riding the bus next year (NOT popular with the kiddies), and the one about how some kid at soccer could not stop hitting Captain Jelly Belly and I did not handle it in the most calm and ladylike matter (an UNDERSTATEMENT).

But those stories will have to wait for another day, after I talk to India for 15-20 hours and pull out most of my hair.

If you’ve been considering a Blog Out Loud reading, please feel free to email it to me, although I may not get back to you for ages and ages. I still love you though! I still want you! It’s not you, it’s me! Don’t panic.

I’ll be doing enough panicking for all of us.

5 thoughts on “Message in a Bottle

  1. Not sure if you are interested in switching but I highly recommend Teksavvy. I switched to them a few months back and have had great service so far. Their tech support is actually very good and is staffed by actual tech people who know about things like routing and home networks. Very refreshing…

  2. I have Teksavvy too and they are great. Even better, their help desk is in Ontario and they don’t read from a script. totally worth it, and the price is competitive, even cheaper I think.

    You peeked the curiosity about the soccer story. I’ll hold you to that future post.

    Have a great holiday. Drive safe. Meet you at the end of July.

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