Fashion Tuesday

I have a dress for the wedding! It’s all thanks to FameThrowa, who finally took pity on me and dragged me to the mall and made me try on stuff until we found something great. I’m so relieved!

Here it is:

The ribbon is supposed to tie just under the bustline. Here’s a close up of the pattern of the fabric:

Although the dress is patterned in blue and burgundy and purple, the overall effect is dark purple/eggplant. It’s one of the more conservative dresses I tried on but I love it and I love the colour/fabric and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it. Plus, it was well within budget. Score!

I had no trouble motivating myself to shop at Etsy for some earrings. I’ve decided on these:

I’ll be completing the outfit with these lovely sandals that I bought for Sinnick’s wedding reception:
Fabulous Strappy Black Sandals

Do you think it’ll all look good with my massive pink and brown diaper bag slung over my shoulder? Guess I’m not ready for the catwalk just yet.

13 thoughts on “Fashion Tuesday

      1. I should’ve known! Tristan is one of my favourite stores. I’ll have to go and take a peek. I have a wedding coming up too. Thanks for sharing.

  1. fame_throwa

    Hey, glad to be of service! As soon as that plum colour caught my eye, I felt pretty sure we had found The Dress.

    As for the diaper bag, maybe it’s time to splurge on that Mexx bag you saw!

    You’re welcome to borrow my purple purse since it’s big, but it’s looking a little worn, so I’m not sure it’s classy enough for the event. Still, it’s yours if you want it.

  2. You’re obviously out of the fashion loop because massive diaper-bag-like bags are all the rage these days. All the hot young things are walking around with these gigantic things

  3. Beautiful dress, yes where did you get it? I’m in the hunt for a dress myself. And those Etsy earings are gorgeous! You’re going to look fab! Giant diaper bag or not!

  4. Love the dress! Way for pretty and within budget!

    Also I messed up — it’s not diner dash, but the pizza place one I play on webkinz.

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