A Little Prayer

I was kind of flip about this yesterday, but our Little Miss Sunshine is actually very, very sick. We’re into day four now of The Flu and that makes four days since she’s been able to keep anything down, even water. Last night, as she lay sobbing in Sir Monkeypants’ arms because her bum hurt so much from ongoing diarrhea, and I was folding in my sixth load of barfy clothes for the day, I made the switch in my head from “riding it out” to “really, really worried.”

We’re sure it’s just the flu, but she’s starting to show signs of minor dehydration. We took her in to the doctor this morning and if she doesn’t pee by noon, we’re off to CHEO. She did finally manage to drink a few ounces of juice this morning so we’re hopeful that she’s finally turned a corner.

It’s amazing how quickly something like this can zoom your focus. Last night as I was rocking her to sleep, all thoughts of PTA stuff and laundry to do and grocery shopping were completely gone — I just wanted to hold my baby and make her better, somehow.

I actually even said a little prayer. I’m not a religious person, and in general I feel that any higher powers out there are too busy to consider personal requests. But it’s very hard when someone you love very, very much is very, very sick to sit back and accept that there just isn’t anything you can do. You have to do something.

I think God heard me. I know she’s going to be okay.

9 thoughts on “A Little Prayer

  1. MrsCarlSagan

    Have you tried giving her pedialyte at all? Last summer when T had a bad flu for a few days he started to lose weight, he looked really drawn and his lips got pasty. He hadn’t had a wet diaper in 48 hours so we started to force feed the pedialyte with a medicine dropper every half hour or so. He finally peed and started drinking and eating again. We were totally ready to take him to the dr. or hospital if the dry diapers continued.

    It’s really frightening – if you need help today with anything or want to drop your older kids off here just let me know.

  2. I know thoughts aren’t really enough when your child is sick and there seems nothing that you can do, but mine are with you regardless, and I hope that LittleMiss is turning a corner and managed a few more sips today and a pee.

  3. oh. it’s so darn scary when little ones get sick eh. i’m thinking of her. kids go down as quick as they come back! there is a horrible bad flu going around – i was out for at least 6 days.

  4. LuckySevens

    My thoughts are with you and the Little Miss. My Spirited Girl was sick for 4 and half days. I too was worried and ended up taking her to the doctor. Little Miss will be better soon!!

  5. I’m sorry, I am just reading this now. How is she doing? How are YOU doing? There is a seriously wicked stomach bug that is circling around and it’s a douzy…four days sounds about right. That said, you can’t be too careful and dehydration in kids IS serious. I hope she pee’d and lots : )
    Looking forward to an update that she’s doing well.

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