Happy Easter, Little Miss

On Saturday morning, we took our annual Easter weekend trip to the Agriculture Museum. It’s my favourite museum in town, especially at this time of year when there are new lambs and wee chicks and baby bunnies and newborn calves to see.

I’ve forced this tradition on my kids because I am absolutely determined to make them love the farm, too. But so far, I must say, they are doing a bang up job of resisting the love.

They actually really hate the farm.

So this year, as with all previous years, it was a festival of “I’m soooo tired, it’s soooo much walking, when are we going to sit down?” from the Captain, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” screamed over and over from the Gal, who is absolutely terrified of all animals, including chicks that are the size of her hand, and “I neeeeeed a snaaaaack, when are we going to eeeeeeat?” from both of them at periodic intervals. They whined all the way through the barns, weren’t interested in seeing or touching any animals, and only got excited when they saw the play structure, which is exactly the same as the one we have in our local park that they see almost EVERY DAY.


So since the kids hate the Agriculture Museum so much, I can only get away with convincing Sir Monkeypants to suffer though a visit once a year, but dammit, WE ARE GOING, because the kids will love it someday, SO HELP ME GOD.

At the very least, it will provide them with fodder for therapy someday. Or maybe just a funny mug on my 65th birthday.

Anyway, this year there was a small, happy ray of hope. As it turns out, Little Miss Sunshine loves the farm! She is completely unafraid of animals five times her size. She went right up to the cows to say, “Hi!” to each one in a most adorable way. She muscled right in there to pet the baby lambs. She picked up stray pieces of hay on the floor of the barn and offered them to the calves to eat. She petted the bunnies, made snorting noises at the horses, and adored the baby chicks.

One out of three ain’t bad!

I’m going to take the Little Miss back again in a week or so, when it’s hopefully a little warmer, and when the older two Scrooges are in school. I imagine we’ll have the fun farm visit I’ve always envisioned.

I knew having that third kid was a good idea!

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter, Little Miss

  1. Argggghhh I can’t believe they don’t like the farm either, I would love it!! That said, I bet your kids like to ride bikes though? My kids don’t ride bikes and my youngest hates the snow. What kind of kids don’t like bikes or snow????

  2. My boys are luke warm on the farm. But then we haven’t been since last year. Every year the biggest hit is that darned hay bale thing the kids run on (which I hate with a passion!). Have a wonderful Easter.

  3. The Boy is not good with animals. He was afraid of Jobthingy’s cats — yes the CATS. The giant lab across the street.

    But he was never a big fan of the farm. He found it stinky and just not fun. Alas. He likes the museum of Nature where all the animals are fake. LOL.

  4. I love the farm. And it’s the perfect time to go now with all the little babies in tow. Good thing Max liked it right off the bat. Then my decision to have only one child would be in peril! Though it does mean that every time we get in the car for about a week after we go he cries when we tell him we aren’t going to see the ho-seys.

    Sounds like you had a great Easter.

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