Buckle Up

The thing that really bugs me about this whole rain/snow/sun/hot/cold weather extravaganza we’re having is that we still have three car seats in our car.

That means three five-point harnesses to untangle, struggle to wrap around flailing kid limbs, snap together, and re-snap after complaining and crying. Every time we get in the car.

Add to that the seat belt adjustment step, to accomodate the day’s selection of coat and outdoor-pant combination, and it’s just too much. I know, it seems like one small extra step, but when you multiply it by three, and throw in belts that have been twisted beyond all movement over the winter months, and you have the strap that broke the Mommy’s back.

The law says we can’t move our kids into booster seats until they are 40 pounds, regardless of height or age. At this rate, we’ll still have three car seats when our kids are in their teens.

The Captain, at age 6, is still holding at 36 pounds, despite recent efforts to get him to eat french fries at every opportunity. He’s already too tall for a standard car seat, and now he’s pushing the height limit on the special extra-large-size five-point-harness seat we had to buy him last year (at a cost of approximately his entire university education). By next winter, there is no possible way we will be able to buckle him in with a coat and snowpants on, so it’s BOOSTER OR BUST for him come November.

The Gal, at age 4 1/2 — the age that the government suggests “most children” will have moved to a booster — is still the smallest in her class and only weighs 30 pounds. If she continues on her current growth curve, she might make 40 pounds just in time to hit the age 8 limit, when it’s no longer legally required to have your kid in a seat of any kind.

And Little Miss Sunshine, who we sometimes refer to our “bruiser” because she’s the biggest of our kids, weighs in at 22 pounds at age 21 months. If we were following the law to the letter (AND OF COURSE WE WERE, OFFICER), we’d only just now be turning her around to be forward facing. Which we totally just did YESTERDAY, OFFICER. We’re really hoping she’s into a booster by age 6 — fingers crossed!

Sigh. Yet another reason to hate the snow on the ground (grrrr) and the more snow we’ll be getting today and later this week (GRRRRR). What the hell happened to Spring?

8 thoughts on “Buckle Up

  1. This post made me rush to the window to look at the ground/sky… no snow here in Gatineau.


    (I’ve got my fingers crossed that the snow will be stopped at the river by the magical barrier created by Quebec hostility. Totally/sort of joking.)

  2. HA! I was just grumbling about having to adjust the carseat belts to allow for Hana’s bulky winter coat this morning. Why can’t the Springtime weather just stay?!?

  3. I have the opposite problem with my oldest. He is 7.5 years old, 82 pounds and 4’7″. I looked on the SickKids website and they recommend (against the regulations) that kids be 4’9″ before they get out of their booster. Last week D was arguing with me cause he knew he was over the 80 pound threshold. So I let him try no booster and he ended up asking for it back. The belt rubbed on his neck a bit and he found it uncomfortable. I can’t wait till M is out of his car seat. I am waiting till he gets weighed at his 4year docs appointment to decide if he can. That way if he can’t it is his doctors fault and not mine! 🙂

  4. I. HATE. CARSEATS. Especially in winter. Like you, the straps are so twisted that it’s almost impossible to adjust, and every day is different in terms of weather gear. Ugh. Looking out my office window at the falling snow, I think starting to ride to work today was’t such a great idea. I guess there is some merit to checking the weather before you leave in the moring. *Sigh*

  5. I hear you on this one.
    I only have to wrestle with one car seat- I really can’t begin to imagine 3!
    hang in there, before we know it will be blue summer skies and way less layers to deal with.

  6. I hate the car seats too. I honestly think getting into and out of the car bothers me most when running errands…okay, maybe second to bathroom breaks.

    I need to ask you what kind of car seats you have? I had NO idea that there were height restrictions for car seats….I’m worried we have Mouse in the wrong sized seat.

  7. I don’t miss car seats one bit. The Boy hit 20 pounds at 6 months — we had to search high and low for a rear facing car seat that could take his size without hurting him. Poor monkey.

    Those booster seats were a pain… happy that’s over.

  8. I’m testing something about WordPress commenting, so you can pretty much ignore this comment.

    Although I will say that a friend told me this weekend that she has a friend with an 8-year-old who made it to 8 in a booster because he’s still only 45 pounds.

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