Will You Still Feed Me, Will You Still Need Me

We’re back!

And first let me say that I’m really surprised at how many of you were freaked out by the happy face spider. I hate spiders, but I thought he was so cute! As long as he stays on his side of the Pacific Ocean, that is.

And second, let me say that I’m sorry if I caused anyone to fear for my life by not posting for days and days. When we got back from the big trip south, our internet lived just long enough for me to check my mail before it decided it had had the biscuit. Luckily I have a live-in IT guy who worked tirelessly for the past two days to figure out what was wrong, and to do all that high tech blah blah blah whatever to make it live again.

The internet lives!

So, the trip! I gave my mother the infamous mug. And…SHE LOVED IT.

I KNOW! I could not have been more shocked.

She not only thought it was adorable, she totally saw the humour in it, too. She actually chuckled. My mom is not known for her chuckling, people.

I guess you get a little more laid back when you hit 65. So I highly recommend getting your mother a mug that says “crotchrot” on it when she has a landmark birthday!

Although my mother is turning 65 this year, she isn’t considering retiring any time soon. She works as the head office secretary for a Senior Public School, which is grades 7 and 8. She loves her job, and she loves being a kind of surrogate mom to 500 extra kids — just between you and me, she has a special soft spot for the troublemakers who get sent to the office a lot. I really don’t know what she’ll do when she does retire, Luckily the school board’s complicated rules for maxing out your pension mean that she can continue to work for five more years, at least.

My mom often talks about work and you can hear the affection in her voice for the students and the staff (except for the principals — I can’t remember there ever being a principal at the school that my mom considered halfway capable of doing the job). For her 65th birthday, the staff got together and made a little book in which each of them could write some birthday wishes. I was totally amazed and touched while reading it. It was far from the one liners you’d expect from having everyone sign a card. Instead, people had written paragraphs about how much she had helped them, how instrumental she was to making the school run, how she was like a second mother to them as well as to the kids. Everyone had some story to tell of how she had changed their lives and the school for the better.

I think it’s very hard to imagine the impression your parents — or any family member — is making on the outside world. Although I always knew my mom loved the school, it was so gratifying to hear that they love her, too. As I was reading I couldn’t stop exclaiming about how wonderful the book was, and my mom agreed it was nice, but also said that she was just doing her job. Which is awesome.

Since my parents got divorced a million years ago, I’ve often worried that my mom is disconnected from the world, and I still worry about what she’ll do when she’s finally done working (who the heck is she going to hang out with? How will she fill the time?). But I must say, I was so very very happy to read that she is making a difference in the lives of others, that she is out there touching people and making positive changes.

I guess that’s why she loves her job.

Happy 65th, Mom!

6 thoughts on “Will You Still Feed Me, Will You Still Need Me

  1. My dad just died (somewhat suddenly – a long story) Dec 1st of 2008. Reading through all of the emails from friends, family, church and business relations really gave me a new appreciation for my dad. It was so neat to see him through other people’s eyes and to know that he would be missed by many others.

  2. MrsCarlSagan

    Welcome Back! Such a lovely post. I’m so glad that your mom liked the mug – she even chuckled!! It’s always so nice, and sometimes rather eye-opening, to hear what others have to say about your parents. It makes you realize that they aren’t just “mom” or “dad” – they are so much more than that.

  3. Wlecome back and I am so glad not to have to look at the spider when I check your blog. 😉 So happy that your mom liked the mug. Crotchrot is a word that just makes me laugh every tmie I hear it.

    It’s always nice to get that aha moment and find out that your parents are real people in the real world. As my parents get older, I am always so glad to know that they are busy active people that are truly enjoying their lives. Ofen they are too busy to visit, which is a bit of a kick in the pants, but they are living their retirement to the fullest.

    I really hope that at 65 I will still love my job and be appreciated for what I do. After a rough start of the week at work, this gives me a little hope.

  4. Welcome back. Your story about your mom makes me sad. Not sad for her but sad for me. I am an exec in a high tech company but no one will ever say I changed their life. If I left my clients might miss me a bit but that would all. I want a change so badly. Sorry for dumping 😦 I am so happy for your mother, for having such a wonderful job and making such in incredible impact.

  5. Yikers, I didn’t think about that at all! I wonder what kind of impact *I* am having on the world…it’s easy for me to go days without seeing any adults other than Sir Monkeypants.

    Maybe now is a good time to start thinking about what I want to be and do…hm.

  6. You are making an impact on your kids, and their school. I think I get all melancholy cause I want to be home, be able to do more with them. It is where my heart is. Someday I hope it will be where I am too.

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