Death By Gift Giving

My mother’s mugs are here!

Yes indeed, that is the word “crotch” on the mugs we had made for my mom’s birthday. And you wondered why we thought she wouldn’t like it!

My sister FameThrowa made them using a website called Zazzle, which I had never heard of before. I just wanted to mention them here because I have been very impressed with their customer service, and good customer service is darn hard to come by these days.

One of the mugs was defective — the lettering was faded and smudged on one side (right over the word “crotch,” in fact, which of course is completely unacceptable). I was just going to let it go because I figured we’d have to send the defective mug back, and it would cost a fortune, and then we’d have to pay for shipping from the US for the replacement, which would cost another fortune, and quite frankly, I’m one or two fortunes short these days.

But their customer service policy said that they really, really wanted all their customers to be happy, so I sent them an email to ask what the procedure was and how much, bottom line, it would cost me to replace the mug.

And guess what? They are taking care of it! At no cost to me! I had to send them a digital picture of the defective item, they agreed it was a problem, so they are printing a new one right away. It’s probably in the mail already. Whoo hoo!

I am impressed. I’ll use them again.

If I survive the gift-giving process, that is. Wish me luck!

13 thoughts on “Death By Gift Giving

  1. I like them! I hope she doesn’t kill you guys! It was really great meeting you and Krista last night. We will have to be sure to attend some other bloggy get together soon. Or make one up that involves our local Starbucks!

  2. That looks awesome!

    My grandmother had a bunch of strange phrases, too. She also used to tell us she’d had the biscuit. She also would tell us she was going to beat us with a wet noodle. And–my personal fave–she’d say, “you kids don’t sit on the couch, you attack it!”

  3. I *heart* Zazzle! I’ve ordered a bunch of stuff from them. I got a couple of mugs for my husband and father-in-law and one of them had a crack where the handle meets the body. I sent a photo of the crack and they sent me a new mug – no extra charge. Those guys rawk.

  4. smokingtoaster

    I think we’ve remarked before that our moms are kinda similar. I can imagine what her reaction will be — and my thoughts are with you. On the other hand, what a totally hilarious and awesome idea!

    I love how you can get pretty much anything on the web. Mr. E’s going through a brass phase (instruments, that is) and his faves are the trumpet, trombone, french horn and tuba — so we just ordered a shirt with those four instruments off CafePress. I mean, Holy Hannah or what? (I have no idea what Holy Hannah means, as you can see.)

    I’m going to check out Zazzle — we need a few new mugs around here.

  5. I heard that about Zazzle… I may be using them in the near future for running shirts.

    Oh and my mother would die if I put the word crotch on a mug for her. LMAO

  6. Ha! That is such a cool mug. And I’m not just saying that because it has my name on one side. 😉 My mom says some of those things as well. LOL

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