A Turtlehead Red Carpet

Andrea at Quietfish has movie passes! Free movie passes! To give away!

They are for tomorrow night’s preview showing of One Week, starring Joshua Jackson of Dawson’s Creek fame. Now he’s on some other sci-fi show, but he will NEVER outlive the Pacey. NEVER.

She also has some passes left for a second preview showing, next Thursday, March 5. Both shows are at the Coliseum.

And here’s the best part! If you come to tomorrow night’s show, you can meet me! And Andrea! And other awesome bloggers from the Ottawa area!

I’ll be the one walking the red carpet in my designer Mark’s Work Wearhouse outfit.

If you’re up for it, visit this link for details.

4 thoughts on “A Turtlehead Red Carpet

  1. porters

    I would have been begging to be there if the drive wasn’t five hours. I’m sad that I’m missing it but my time will come and I will get to meet all of you amazing women.

  2. Melanie

    Oh, I would have loved to go. It figures that the night something like this comes up, my husband already has plans to go out.

    Have fun!

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