And The Tubers Will Inherit The Earth

I’ve become obsessed with the song “Raisins” by the Barenaked Ladies. It’s from their kids’ CD, Snacktime, a CD that you will either find whimsical and charming, or else twee to high heaven. It’s a fine line.

“Raisins,” for example, contains such immortal lines as, “Raisins come from grapes, people come from apes, I come from Canada” and “When I make mistakes, I use a lot of salt, ’cause salt makes m’steaks taste great.” Fortunately I’m one of those who finds such sentiments to be precious, but not too precious.

Plus, Raisins has an awesome whistling chorus that I would totally get as my ringtone, if I had a cellular phone that had been made in this decade.

Anyway, this morning I felt like listening to it, but I didn’t feel like walking all the way over to the other side of the room to turn on the stereo, because walking is just so hard at 6:30 a.m. So instead, I looked for it on YouTube.

Do you think you can find an obscure non-single from a kids’ CD on YouTube?


This is actually one of a series of videos from the Snacktime CD, in which Ed Robertson records himself, unplugged, performing in his bathroom. So charming!

So this is bascially proof that YouTube is taking over the entire world. Seriously, is there nothing you cannot find on YouTube? It’s becoming a digital library of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE.

Seriously, the number of people who have put cute videos of their kids up on YouTube for public consumption makes me wonder why the hell I bother to use aliases for the kids on this site. Stalkers have more than enough choice. I guess at the very least it will provide them with the ability to deny any and all relation to me in the future.

Is YouTube a profitable business? I cannot see how they make money from the site…but if they do, then someday, they’ll rule the world. And they’ll have everyone’s babies on film to help them enforce their power. BWA HA HA HA!

8 thoughts on “And The Tubers Will Inherit The Earth

  1. CapnPlanet

    Mr E is pretty crazy about musical instruments these days. We’ve found the web extraordinarily useful as a way of satisfying his endless need for an instrument fix. I can google pretty much any instrument name I can think of, and the results always include a few videos of people playing that instrument.

    Curiously, in the large majority of cases, one of the video results on the first page will be someone playing the Super Mario theme on that instrument.

  2. YouTube makes money from ads, but after five years they still aren’t profitable. Their infrastructure and bandwidth costs are enormous.

    Being independent, Barenaked Ladies are one of the few bands who are able to post their videos on YouTube in this way without a label trying to take charge of it and “monetize” it.

    Something that YouTube has done recently to appease the Big 4’s lawyers is to either mute the audio in any video which is playing a recognizable song in the background (think slideshows), or delete it entirely. This is sad, since music videos are one of the most popular kind of clip on there.

    It seemed for a while there like YouTube would be able to escape the music label clutches. Now, I’m not so sure…

  3. Sorry, catching up on your blog which I thought I had in my reader but clearly I didn’t. (it’s there now and boy, are you in trouble.)

    I love Ed. Can I pretend I know these people and confess to being a bit worried about Stephen Page. Not good I tell you. 🙂

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