So That’s What It All Means

Yesterday was family day, so we were all spending a quiet day at home. We put Little Miss Sunshine down for her afternoon nap, and Gal Smiley and Captain Jelly Belly were playing happily and quietly together, so Sir Monkeypants suggested we watch Sunday night’s premiere episode of The Amazing Race. Soon after it started, the Captain and the Gal wandered in to join us.

So we all sat on the couch watching together. Each of us was wearing either a construction helmet or a fire hat — Gal Smiley passed them out as initiation into her “secret club.” We each got a pair of winter gloves to wear, too, as part of our club uniform. Working the remote while wearing gloves is really hard.


The contestants flew to Switzerland, where they were presented with a challenge. Both team members had to climb a steep, muddy, slippery hill and carry down huge wheels of cheese — they weighed 50 pounds each. They were supposed to transport the cheese using “traditional cheese-carrying devices” that sort of looked like wooden backpacks, but most of the teams slipped and fell, shattering their “traditional device.”

When the devices broke, the cheese got away. Giant cheeses were flying down the hill, rolling and bouncing into fences, barns, and other players. The contestants slid and crawled down the hill in hot pursuit.

It occurred to us that the ideal thing to scream at your partner in such an environment was, “COME ON, FASTER THAN CHEESE!

And higher understanding was achieved.

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  1. Who loves you, baby? I do. Very much. Thank you for that very affirming comment over at HOP. Looking forward to reading your blog.

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