Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz A Bear

So! Yesterday I had my hair fixed.

A couple of days after the infamous First Choice haircut of a couple weeks ago, I was trying to do something, anything with it. While I was looking in the mirror I noticed that it was really short on top, while still really long at the back. And I had a horrible, awful, terrible realization.


And it wasn’t even just a mullet. I was missing a whole chunk of hair on my right hand side over my ear — there still is a little bald spot — so the longer hair was thick on the left, and stringy and thin on the right.

A DRUNKEN MULLET, if you will.

Thus began several consecutive days of baseball hat wearing and major fretting. Eventually I decided to risk getting it cut again, to see if it could be cleaned up at all. I followed the recommendation of my friend RheostaticsFan and booked an appointment with Veigh at Spahara.

I can’t believe how nervous I was going in. During the hair washing segment I was actually kind of shaking. I had my cavity filled last week (more on that some other day) and it was actually more calming to have a drill in my mouth than to imagine someone going at my head with shears. What the heck is wrong with me?

Anyway, Veigh was awesome. I liked her very much. She admitted to my hair issues without making me feel like I had a squirrel on my head and she did an amazing job of fixing things up. She cut about two more inches off the bottom to lessen the two-layer effect, and she trimmed everything else so it was even and sleek. She even did some sort of magic to even out the two sides so now you can hardly tell even detect the bald spot.


It’s been a long while since I had such short hair but with the quality of the cut, I think it looks kind of professional and mature, yet still sassy and young. In fact, I feel sort of Martha Stewart-ish in it.

At the end of the cut I told Veigh to skip the blow-dry. I hate having my hair “set” — I hate the goop they put in it, it takes me three days to get it all out, and I hate sitting under a hot dryer for half an hour, immobilized while fretting about all the other things I could be doing with that time. If the blow-dry made me feel all glamorous I suppose I’d go through with it anyway, but I usually prefer my hair when it is air dried, and besides, I’m going to stick a toque on it and go home and change a poopy diaper, so what do I need to look all done up for?

And since I skipped the “set” part, I only paid $35! AWESOME.

There’s no freakin’ way I’d post a before picture of myself on the internet, but here’s what I look like after:

My twin Martha Stewart

Oops! That’s Martha Stewart! I get the two of us mixed up sometimes now.

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  1. BonBon

    Because daddyorandy needs the car Saturday morning for his monthly dim sum outing, I’ve had to cancel my scheduled cut with “Nick”. I can’t reschedule with him before Christmas, so I’ve made an appointment with Veigh! She sounds great. Thanks for the tip.

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