It’s All About The Sugar

Happy Halloween!

I’ve been baking.

Yesterday I made two dozen of these for Captain Jelly Belly’s Halloween party:

Pumpkin cookies

They look really impressive, but actually they kind of taste like slightly sugary air. No flavour whatsoever. Plus they were a pain in the ass to make — the dough was very finicky and supervising the cutting out of shapes almost gave me a coronary. So I’m not sure how often I’ll be making these again. I hear they were a big hit at the party, though.

For Gal Smiley’s party, I made two dozen of these:

Pumpkin cupcakes

That’s a pumpkin-shaped marshmallow on top of the cupcakes. The marshmallows are simultaneously disgusting and highly addictive. Plus, despite their small size, they contain about 100 teaspoons of sugar. Probably the closest thing to child crack I’ve ever found. The ones I sent to school also had orange and black sprinkles on them, but I didn’t put any on these ones because they bother the Captain. Needless to say we didn’t get any leftovers sent home after the party.

I actually made these same cupcakes (but half chocolate, and all with sprinkles) for the little kids on our street last week. Captain Jelly Belly and Gal Smiley helped make them and decorate them, then we put one cupcake each in these little Halloween take-out containers I found at Michaels:

Trick Or Treat Box

Then we went for a little walk along the street and left the boxes with whatever neighbouring kids we knew. It was very fun and everyone was very excited to get them and I think a new tradition has been born. Maybe we will do it again on Valentine’s Day, too.

This afternoon we’ll be doing some last minute pumpkin carving, then we’ll be getting ready for trick-or-treating. The Captain will be going as Darth Vader. Gal Smiley will be a white kitty cat (as she has been every day for the past three weeks).

Little Miss Sunshine will be going to bed early.

The Captain has been feeling a little iffy about trick-or-treating this year since his allergies mean that he can’t eat at least half of the candy he rakes in. We offered to let him swap anything he gets that he can’t eat for something we have here, since all the candy we’ll be giving out is safe for him.

This morning Sir Monkeypants suggested I go out and buy a few more bags of candy, just so that we have lots of selection here for the Captain to choose from, to make him feel better about the swapping and feel like he got a bunch of different stuff. So after my Mommy And Baby swim class with Little Miss Sunshine, I went over to the WalMart to get some extra candy.

I was there a few weeks ago buying our stuff and they had SO much candy, aisles and aisles of it, with a whole extra section containing a million boxes of chips piled from floor to ceiling. A lot of their stuff was safe for the Captain because it was all extremely cheap crap, made up of sugar, artificial flavours and colours, and glue — ideal for him because when there’s no natural ingredients, there’s a low chance of allergens.

I seem to remember in years past picking up cheap Halloween candy in the week after Halloween, and the WalMart had such an eye-boggling amount of candy just two weeks ago, I figured I’d have tons to choose from still. But to my shock, when I got there, all the Halloween candy had been replaced with Christmas decorations!

I found the remnants of their candy in a back corner — there was just two small shelves full left. No more massive piles of chips. No more boxes upon boxes of candy. Just a couple bags left of the really crappy stuff.

And, there were like, 10 people there fighting over it! I had to elbow my way in, with the Little Miss, and grab what I could. It was crazy — I thought for a second there it was Boxing Day, and I’d accidentally walked into a 75% off everything sale at The Gap. Sheesh.

Anyway, I got a couple of bags of different (crap) stuff for the Captain to choose from, so we should be well and sugared up by 8pm tonight. I’ll probably be hung over for day one of NaBloPoMo tomorrow. See you then!

5 thoughts on “It’s All About The Sugar

  1. Cricketeer

    I had a very similar experience this morning. Since I have been home this week recovering from my wisdom teeth removal, I was able to get out this morning to make sure we had appropriate candy to swap for Princess A. I too went to Walmart with the kids and I was very surprised to find Christmas had taken over Walmart. I couldn’t find any Halloween candy that Princess could eat or enjoy so we ended up going to Shoppers Drug Mart.

    Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

  2. First year ever my offspring did NOT go trick or treating. Phew. She was never able to eat the candy anyway, but loved being out in the dark knocking on strangers’ doors with her friends. This year a whole gang of them are at Saunders Farm to have the poop scared out of them. I can’t wait to hear how it went.

  3. In years past I found myself going store to store looking for candy…to replace the stuff we had purchased and then eaten before Halloween (when the kids went to bed at night). This year I waited until the day before and to my surprise there was loads of it in our local grocery store.

    My kiddies packed it in early last night and just wanted to hang out and pass out candy, they passed out alot of their own too so now we have even less to deal with..thanks goodness.

  4. I waited till the last minute to buy my candy and found lots to choose from at Shopper’s Drug Mart. I didn’t want it sitting around the house tempting me before Halloween. Of course, we only got 2/3 of the kids we got last year, so there’s a ton of candy left over, tempting me.

  5. xyx2

    Very cute cookies – is it an allergy-friendly recipe? Is so, I’d love to get a copy of it when you have a chance.

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