I’ll Get Right On That

As he’s getting off the school bus yesterday:

Captain Jelly Belly: Mommy, we need to find all the grown up men and ladies in the world and get them to make more babies.

Me: Um….okay. Why, exactly?

Captain Jelly Belly: So people don’t become extinct.

Me: Well, there are lots and lots of people in the world, so that is probably never going to happen. But if it makes you feel better, I will call all the grown ups I know and tell them to make more babies, okay?

Captain: Okay.

Me: But NOT DADDY AND ME. We have already contributed!

4 thoughts on “I’ll Get Right On That

  1. XUP — He’s worried because he’s into dinosaurs, so we’ve been talking a lot about extinction lately. Then, a few weeks ago at the Carp fair we saw a Ray’s Reptiles show, and they ended the show with a PSA about things you can do to help endangered species here and throughout the world. So we talked a lot about how if animals don’t have enough food or a safe place to live, they won’t make more babies, and that kind of animal will die out.

    Guess he thinks we haven’t been eating well enough around here lately :).

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