Mommy Monkeypants

[Editor’s note: We apologize for the excessive use of the all-caps emphasis technique in yesterday’s post. We were feeling a little PMS-related stress. We have addressed the situation with lots of advil and half a container of Pringles. We’re better now.]

Little Miss Sunshine has been able to say “Mommy” quite clearly for over two months now. When we’re out somewhere and she calls out, “Mommy!” everyone within earshot (which is a lot of people — she is quite loud) gives me a sweet look that says how charming the baby is being, and how happy and warm and mushy inside I must feel. What they don’t realize is that her call of “Mommy” does not mean, “Oh great lady who gave me life, who cares for my every need, how I love you!” but rather, “I have spied something I reeeeeeally want, and I will screech this word over and over again until someone gives it to me.”

So needless to say, we hear the word “Mommy” a lot around here.

Although she is quite capable of saying “Daddy,” about 95% of the time Little Miss Sunshine will scream “MOM-EEEEEEE” when Sir Monkeypants comes in. That’s because she wants him to pick her up immediately. Only the repeated squealing of the word “Mommy” seems to convey her pressing need. Usually Sir Monkeypants points out that he is, “Daddy, my name is Daddy, it’s Daddy,” but he still picks her up, so what does she care?

The other morning she woke up unusually early, at around 5:45am. She immediately started with the “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” Sir Monkeypants and I were playing Parent Chicken, which is when you both lie in bed semi-awake and hope that the other one reaches their breaking point with the yelling first, so you can roll over and go back to sleep. Sir Monkeypants eventually caved and went to get her.

As soon as she saw him, she yelled out, “MOM-EEEEE!” As per usual.

Then he brought her into our room to hand off to me in the bed, so he could go shower. And he said to her, “Look who it is! Who’s that?”

And of course, looking right at me, she said, “Daddy!”

Poor Sir Monkeypants. Someday, honey, someday.

4 thoughts on “Mommy Monkeypants

  1. CapnPlanet

    Mmmmm…. Pringles, the (n+1)th food group.

    I’ve heard similar stories from a number of parents, actually. In fact, I think we were both “dada” for a while. What I remember more clearly, though, is that I became “daddy” (instead of “dada”) quite some time before “mama” became “mommy”.

    Our new guy actually has just started to say “dada”, a few days before he turns 6 months old. It’s just babble, of course, but I don’t think I’ll tire of hearing it for a while…

  2. Jamie knew to call me “mommy” and Ed “daddy” for a while, but then his older sister went through a phase where she liked to mix up our names just for a joke. This was mildly amusing till we realized that Jamie was getting seriously mixed up about who was who. I used to arrive at the daycare to pick Jamie up and he’d yell, “Daddy!” as he ran toward me. Took about three or four months for Jamie to finally get the names all sorted out.

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