Never Say Never

XUP made a theme post yesterday that began like this:

“When I was very young, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would…”

Here are some things I never thought I’d do:

Be a mother In my 20s I really thought I’d never want to have children. I was really happy with my life and I didn’t think I wanted the massive changes that would come with being a mother. Plus, I had the usual fears — what if I get really fat, what if my husband loves the kid more than me, what if my mother and mother-in-law start coming over all the time… It was scary. But well worth it.

Drink alcohol My father had alcohol issues and I grew up with some messed-up ideas about drinking. As a result I went hardcore and never touched the stuff until well after university. I loosened up after I was married and now I occasionally have a glass of wine without too much trauma.

Drive a car I didn’t get my driver’s license until after I turned 18, which was very late in my hick town where the only way to have any fun was to find a car and drive someplace else. I just had absolutely no interest in driving. My mother felt it was very important that I have a license so after a couple of years’ resistance, she finally put her foot down and made me go get one. I think I drove maybe two or three times the whole time I was in university. Really I didn’t become a driver (such as it is — I’m still terrible) until a year or so after Sir Monkeypants and I were married, when he gifted me his old car so he could get a really cool sports car.

Use the words penis and vagina so freely Sex was NOT something you talked about at my mom’s house. Still isn’t, really — every time we visit I pray that none of the kids will hump the couch or ask me loudly in the bathroom why I have SUCH BIG BREASTS, because I would just DIE. However, we’re trying to bring up kids who are more comfortable with their bodies, so now I say the words “penis” and “vagina” several times a day. Who knew?

What did you think you’d never do?

6 thoughts on “Never Say Never

  1. Ha ha. I didn’t get my licence until I was in my 20s and it was for a summer job. My boss-to-be said she’d like me to have one, so she told me to go get my beginner’s (Monday afternoon) then she lent me her car so I could practice all day Tuesday and Wednesday and then I went to do the driver’s test on Thursday morning. All I practiced those 2 days was parallel parking and could never get it right…. except on the test where I did it perfectly. I think the guy was so impressed with that, that he passed me even though I messed up pretty much everything else. I was then and continue to be a terrible driver. I don’t drive much. I hate it.

  2. I never thought I’d have two daughters. I always imagined I’d haver three sons.

    I never thought I’d be as serious about my career as I was before I had kids…or that I’d make as much moola. I don’t miss my career now….but I’m not going to lie, I miss the moola.

    I never thought I’d gag at the smell of fabric softener. Before becoming pregnant with Mouse I used to use the liquid AND dry sheet type softener, I loved the smell of it.

  3. FameThrowa — An excellent one! That’s so true for me, too. I hated all team sports as a youth but now I just adore ultimate. Go team!

  4. CapnPlanet

    Another thing I realized — I never thought I’d be “regular people” — get a degree and get a 9-to-5 job. I’m quite happy with that life now, but when I was a musician, I just couldn’t imagine living so rigidly.

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