Ethan is so totally the new Dylan

I’ve already admitted it on this website before, but I’m still kind of embarrased to actually put it into writing. But I’ll be brave and just say it…I’ve seen every single episode of Beverly Hills, 90210.

I watched it faithfully through the entire 1990s. TEN seasons, people. I stuck with it long after it had jumped the shark (proposed jumping point: when Kelly and Brandon called off their wedding…discuss). Near the end there, it got bad. Very, very bad. Still, I couldn’t look away.

And now, there’s a new generation. The premiere of the new 90210 was this week. When I saw it in the satellite guide I felt my heart skip a beat. When I watched it last night, I actually squealed with delight when Shannen Doherty appeared onscreen.

I am already totally, hopelessly hooked. I have to find out what happens to Kelly! Who is the father of her baby? How are her parents doing? Will Erin Silver be okay? Will we get to see David Silver sometime? Will Hannah Zuckerman-Valesquez bring her mom, Andrea, by for a visit? And for the love of GOD, will we get to see more of Brenda? PLEASE?

Just when you think you’re out…they drag you back in!

3 thoughts on “Ethan is so totally the new Dylan

  1. sinnick

    Did you know that one of the girls on 90210:TNG was on Degrassi:TNG?

    More proof that 90210 owes everything it does to Degrassi.

  2. Sinnick — I did notice that! You are totally right about 90210 being a slicker version of Degrassi. At least, the old one was. The new one is a little Degrassi but it is also trying to fit in with the Gossip Girl/OC/One Tree Hill crowd, so it’s a little juicier.

    Zoom — despite the fact that I have seen every episode ever, and will definitely be watching this one cover to cover — I’m afraid I cannot recommend it. It’s pure brain candy — addictive and not good for you and delivering only a short term high. As far as quality TV goes, 90210 is NOT it, and as far as pure escapism goes…you can probably find better! Still — I criticize because I love.

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