But They Don’t Award Any Gold Medals On Peep

Sir Monkeypants and I got married in the spring of 1996. Right after the wedding, I moved to Ottawa — I had been living and working in Toronto. The company I was working for in Toronto, bless their dear hearts, really really did not want me to leave. So after I moved, they asked if I would continue working for them, from Ottawa. They set me up with my own computer and a high-speed access line and I became an at-home worker.

This arrangement only lasted a few months because there were lots of drawbacks to working from home all the time, including:

  • being out of the loop on major decisions regarding my product;
  • not feeling like a member of the team;
  • not having any social interaction during the day, especially because I was living in a new city and didn’t know anyone local to hang out with for “lunches” or “coffee breaks”;
  • having to fly down to Toronto once every other week to integrate my updates, when I absolutely despise travelling;
  • and not being able to advance in my career at all, since no one knew what the hell I was doing.

Still, there were perks. As in:

  • being able to work in my PJs (here’s an indication of how long ago this was — the suckers back in my office were still required to dress up for work, as in suits and pantyhose, even the developers);
  • having a 10 second commute to work;
  • being able to devote several hours a day to trying to stump MyFriendJen’s husband, MyFriendMike, with Star Wars quotes;
  • and having a really, really clean house.

But the best one of all was:

  • watching Olympics coverage until my eyes bled.

Picture it: Atlanta, Georgia, summer of 1996. Since the Olympics were in our time zone, there was live coverage all day, every day.

I did very, very little work during those two weeks (sorry, Toronto Company, kisses!). Any kind of sport, any kind of event, I’d be THERE. Fencing? In. Gymnastics? SO in. Sculls? I’m all over it. Weightlifting? Well…there has to be some time to go for lunch and a pee break.

It was pretty much the best time I ever had. PJs all day, snacks all around me, TV all day long. I was so incredibly invested in those Olympics.

I’d love to do the same every four years — that one experience has turned me into an Olympics fan of the highest caliber. Unfortunately I’ve found that watching endless rounds of laps of the pool isn’t very exciting for a three-year-old. Gal Smiley doesn’t even like the women’s gymnastics, for heaven’s sake. She’d rather be watching Peep. What’s up with that?

So this year I’m kind of in Olympics withdrawal. I’ve seen a lot of Peep, though.

By the time Vancouver 2010 rolls around, though, she’ll be in school. All day. Yay!

By then though, I’ll probably be nostalgic for my Peep-watching days. The grass is always greener.

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  1. your pros and cons sound about right. i long to be have a job where i could work from home half the time and go in the office half – hopefully that would be the best of both worlds.

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