Mommy, can we do this every day?

Yesterday was the Captain’s fifth birthday, and we planned a big Day! Of! Fun! I think it’s safe to say it was the absolutely the most fun a five-year-old could possibly have in one day. We had had a party for him last year, the whole thing with the party games and the loot bags and the presents, oh lord, the presents, so we thought we’d skip it this year. But then, I realised that the time for traditional birthday parties is short — by eight years old, we figure, it’ll be so last year — so we better have fun in the sun while young. And all that.

So we went with the Day! Of! Fun! instead.

It started in the morning with a big pile of presents, including a new bike from us, a Senators hockey shirt, and a Hot Wheels race track. Also, there were some much-needed shorts and t-shirts from FameThrowa, and don’t think I didn’t notice that you turned the birthday card I sent you last month into a beautiful tag for the gift. I was so impressed. The padawan has become a jedi.

Then we played Hot Wheels over a leisurely breakfast, before the Captain got dressed up in his new Senators shirt.

After breakfast it was off to the KidsZone, one of those places with a huge climbing thing inside with mondo slides and giant balls and ladders and other fun stuff. There, we met several of his closest friends, along with all of their siblings, for a total of 11 kids including the Wee One. Everyone had a smashing good time running and screaming and sliding; there was also a little arcade at the back where you could play games using tokens, and win tickets to exchange for little toys or candy. Woo hoo!

Then we all came back to our house where we had hot dogs AND pizza AND cheesies AND token carrots and grapes for lunch. The Captain got to eat two slices of pizza, which he loves but never gets to eat due to his issues with milk/cheese, and so that was a major treat. Everyone was starving so there was almost complete silence for like, an hour, while all the kids had triple helpings of everything and enjoyed everything very much.

After lunch the kids decorated their own cupcakes with a variety of fun toppings like Smarties, marshmallows, and chocolate Teddy Grams. Vanilla cakes with vanilla icing — the Captain’s favourite, of course.

Then we opened presents and the Captain got some awesome books and videos and board games and about a MILLION cars, which if you are five years old, is just a barely adequate number of cars. Then the kids played cars and various board games for an hour, and then we had a Twister tournament, which confirmed that I am extremely old and decrepit.

Later the party guests went home and everyone loved their loot bags and we played with loot bag stuff for a while. Then we all curled up on the couch together while Daddy read us stories.

Then we had Swiss Chalet for dinner, the Captain’s all time favourite food. And more cupcakes.

And, I didn’t even mention that stayed home all day, which would have made this a totally awesome day for the Captain even if we didn’t do all that other totally awesome stuff, and that all day long, various members of our family called to wish him a happy birthday, including his cousins who are currently on vacation in Disneyworld, which was totally awesome.

Then we played Mario Party on the Nintendo.

And then, we went to bed, having completed the bestest, most A-plusest, most fabulous Day! Of! Fun! ever in the history of the world. Happy fifth birthday, dude!

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