I See London, I See France

The Wee One is our last child (barring any accidents, KNOCK WOOD), and as such, we’ve already started to give away all our baby stuff. The maternity clothes and 0-3M stuff has already left the building; I’m packing away the 3-6M stuff now, as the baby grows out of it, for shipment to various friends and my younger sister.

As the Captain outgrows his clothes, most of them get boxed up for future use by the girls, but sometimes there are things that are too “boyish,” I think. These items get sent to LittleSis for use on her 2-year-old son, and she’s usually happy to get them.

But now we have a small problem, and that’s underwear.

We have about 35 pairs of size 2 boys underpants. That seems like a lot, I know, but when you’re toilet training, if you don’t want to be doing laundry every day, you need a wide selection. Plus, as encouragement, we kept adding character undies to the pile, some Spiderman, some Bob The Builder, a little Curious George.

We also have about 25 pairs of size 3 that we’re now done with. They were all new for the Captain, so although they are used, they’re all in good condition.

But what to do with them all?

LittleSis and other friends I know with little boys are squeamish about their sons wearing someone else’s underwear. And I can understand that, although they are clean and everything, and I certainly plan to pass Gal Smiley’s adorable little ones down to the Wee One when the time comes. That’s not gross or anything, right?

I thought of donating them to charity, but I’m sure they could not accept such a thing, could they?

I thought of offering them on Freecycle, but as I was typing up the ad, entitled “free boys underwear,” I had envisions of freaky pedophiles coming by to pick up my son’s undies, and I totally chickened out.

So do I just throw them all away? It seems so wrong. And I’m trying so hard to reduce our garbage. They’re still in great shape and really usable.

Maybe I’ll just cut them up and make a quilt. “Happy birthday, Captain! I made you this blanket out of your underwear!”

Hm. No.

Any other ideas?

4 thoughts on “I See London, I See France

  1. dramaqueen_23

    It’s a little ahead of schedule, but if they’re clean I’ll take them for Drama Prince. I guess my squeam-o-meter is a little less sensitive than most people’s

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