To Infinity and Beyond

Today we went over to the Superstore as a family, an event that is becoming increasingly rare, as finding all three kids awake, fed, and in a good mood is about as rare as finding a solid gold nugget when we pull a weed up out of the lawn. But we made it over there, and while one of us rocked the Wee One while simultaneously threatening the other two with immediate store removal if they did NOT STOP PUSHING, the other one checked out the Halloween costumes.

Last year, Captain Jelly Belly was Thomas the Tank Engine, a store-bought costume that cost a small fortune. He loved it, and wanted to wear it all the time, but I was totally paranoid about resale value, so I only let him put it on for the night itself, and then I trailed around after him warning him not to get anything on it. Gal Smiley was a ladybug, with red wings and feelers overtop of her red snowsuit.

This year, I asked them what they wanted to be, and they both just assumed they’d be the same thing, like, we HAVE costumes, Mom, don’t you remember? And I was like, great! No more shopping for expensive stuff and changing their minds sixteen times! But then Sir Monkeypants suggested to the Gal that, since her red snowsuit doesn’t fit anymore, maybe she should consider something new. So off to the Superstore it was.

And now, we’re home…with not one, but TWO Buzz Lightyear costumes. We’ll be having Buzz and Buzz at our house this year. Already the Captain wants to trade costumes with the Gal, even though they are both EXACTLY the same, same size and everything. I’m sure when the day comes, he’ll be insisting that he is the “real” Buzz, while Gal Smiley only gets to be the “fake” Buzz. Meanwhile, I’ll be trailing around after both of them warning them not to get anything on it, so I can eBay them the next day.

But I have to say, Buzz and Buzz sure do look cute together :).

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