Heinz Rewards

Heinz baby foods has a rewards program. You collect labels from their baby food and when you hit a certain level, you can send in the labels and claim a toy. When Captain Jelly Belly was a baby I didn’t participate because he was always eating President’s Choice baby food so I figured I’d never collect the 100 labels needed to get the smallest toy. But this past summer, there was a recall on PC baby food so I was forced to buy the Heinz stuff, so I figured, what the hey, I’d collect the labels and see what happened.

You had to send in your labels by November 30, so I put all my labels, together with labels from my friend Krista, who kindly donated to the cause, in one envelope in the last week of November. In total I had just over 300 labels. You can get a pretty big toy for 300 labels but sad to say, we didn’t really have room or need for the bigger stuff, so I ended up requesting two smaller toys.

In the end though, I’m not sure it was even worth it. Mailing in the labels cost me $9.50, because it was such a big package. Plus, you had to pay “shipping and handling” charges, which totalled $9.50 for the toys we selected. So not including the price of the food, I put in $19, to get back $30 worth of toys (suggested retail price, not covering the fact that Toys R Us routinely puts both products on sale). I guess that’s still coming out ahead, but I have to admit I really thought that I’d never actually see the fruit of my labours.

But today one of the two toys we selected actually arrived! If the other one gets here I can definitely say that saving all those smelly labels for a year was almost worth it :).