It’s Always Something

Little Miss Sunshine will be 14 months old in a few days. She’s an expert walker, she’s sleeping through the night, she eats just about everything (including sand, rocks, and grass). She’s saying several words and she can climb up on the kids’ beds and she can use a spoon.

In short, she’s developing normally.

But there’s this one thing. Isn’t there always one thing? Like, your kid seems fine but then all the other babies are rolling over and your kid doesn’t want to roll over and OH MY GOD, it’s an emergency! We have to work on rolling over! He must roll over NOW!

With Little Miss Sunshine, the issue is her teeth. She doesn’t have any. Not a one. At 14 months old.

I’m actually not all that worried. I come from a long line of late teethers, and Captain Jelly Belly in particular was very late with his teeth, not getting his first tooth until after he was 11 months old. Little Miss Sunshine is more than capable of eating anything and everything, with the sole exception of raw vegetables, so she’s doing just fine for food intake and chewing practice. Plus, this seems to be one of the rare development situations in which the internet is your friend — a simple search brought up dozens and dozens of stories of kids who didn’t get their first teeth until 18 months old and beyond, and all is well now.

It seems that really, the only reason to be concerned is that she’s now old enough to complain about them coming in. Complain LOUDLY. And OFTEN.

Since we got back from our trip to Southern Ontario, she’s been a huge crankmeister. Fussy all the time, never content unless Sir Monkeypants is dangling her upside down, constantly asking for something to eat and then crying when she tries to eat it. We assume this is teeth because she hasn’t turned 13 years old overnight. Has she?

I’ve heard that the older they are when they get their teeth, the more teeth will come in all at once…and thus, the more painful. I swear, if she doesn’t wake up tomorrow with eight new teeth in that head of hers, one of us is going out the window!

And I don’t even care which.